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Home Protection Tips from a Long-time Witch!

These were suggested to me by the guy who runs an occult/witchcraft shop about an hour from where I live. I was having trouble because the energy around my town has just felt really funky and off, and my house doesn’t really feel homey because of it. Portals and dimensional beings and dead people and horrific deaths happening every other day…the works. If you’re in a similar situation, here are some tips from a very friendly dude who knows his stuff!

• Make a witch bottle. The guy told me this is really old school. How do you make one? Get a jar and fill it with absolutely nasty stuff—rusty nails, razor blades, broken glass, stuff that you wouldn’t wanna step on. Next, have everyone in your house put a piece of themselves in the jar (the guy told me urine was traditionally the best because it’s like “marking your territory”, but he said that’s also gross so if you feel more comfortable using spit, hair, or toenail clippings, those work too). Finally, screw the jar shut tight and bury it next to your front door. You can bury it in a pot of dirt if you don’t have green space around your entryway. The guy told me this draws all the nasty, negative energy into the jar and traps it so that it doesn’t get into your house.

• Put mirrors opposite all the windows (or at least the windows by your front door). You can buy cheap craft mirrors at craft stores for not much money and they don’t have to be big. The idea is that you’re “reflecting” any negative energy back outside where it belongs.

• Draw sigils or other protective symbols above your front door in chalk. Chalk is good to use because you can easily wash it off if need be. You just have to make sure to replace it when it fades! The witch dude told me that his roommates aren’t witches but they always remind him to redraw his sigils because they feel safer when he does XD

• Hang pretty reflective glass balls outside your door! They’re good for trapping negative energy, reflecting negative energy, and they don’t look conspicuous because they’re decorative!

• Wind chimes also serve a similar purpose and they aren’t conspicuous either

• Line all the doors and windows with a protective powder. I bought mine from the shop on recommendation, and I’m not sure what’s in it besides powdered sage, black salt, and possibly brick dust?

• SALT BOWLS. This solution came from one of my spiritual teachers. Get a bowl and fill it with water and iodized salt. Put the bowl near the entryway of your house. Salt is purifying and the bowl will act as an “energetic trash can”.

• If you can afford it, black tourmaline is good for protection against negative energy. I got a few small pieces and lined them up by the windows in my entryway.

These tips are for keeping outside energy from contaminating the inside of your home. For cleansing and banishing things from INSIDE your home, that requires a different process. But anyway, I hope this helps people like it helped me! Shoutout to the super cool dude running that witchcraft shop :)

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