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October 03 2017

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@markronson: Writing #Joanne x

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Mean Girls (2004)

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>look at the join dates

Im a little confused

Save for one, all of these accounts joined Twitter just this month and were posting within minutes of the shooting with precise information on where it happened. The one exception joined in 2011 and now, six years later, just made its first tweet and it just happens to be about the Vegas shooting.


I don’t understand, what is this supposed to imply. It’s weird yes but what does it imply

It’s rather compelling evidence for a false flag, since the US military is known to be operating an army of robot social media profiles:


Sunsets and stars make me feel things.

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This restaurant was closed for a good reason.

August 27 2017

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August 07 2017

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Today’s #FullMoonInAquarius reading is accompanied by a channeled drawing 🔮 Focus this full moon energy on growth for the remainder of this lunar cycle. What can you bring to the table to facilitate in this expansion of the self? What’s already at the table that you can already use the further the process? Above all, be nurturing to yourself as you grow; no room for self-deprecation or harsh judgment here! The path is yours, and there are many to choose from; believe it or not, many of these paths, though winding through different experiences and taking varying amounts of time, still lead to the same result. Many many paths, and whichever you feel is the one for you at this time is the one to take. If while on this path you perceive something is off, you could either focus on correcting that something or shift that focus onto altering your perception to see if that changes things. I’ve never done a channeled drawing before so it’s rather experimental on my end, but there’s a lot more going on in that drawing & I feel explaining everything would make it less personal to each individual, so study the doodles and see what pops out at you 😇 #fullmoonreading #aquarius #fullmoon #CardReading #Oracle #OracleCards #MadameDuberckowski #MadameDuberckowskisFortuneTellingCards #fortunetelling #fortunetellersofinstagram #VibrateHigher #PositiveVibes #PositiveAffirmations #Balance #Wisdom #CelestialWisdom #HigherDimensions #GoldenAge #Ascension #SpiritualGuidance #SpiritualAscension #Enlightenment #ChanneledDrawing










I will always remember Christopher Lee as that horrifying moment in the LOTR commentaries where Peter Jackson says he started to direct him on how to act like he’d been stabbed and Christopher Lee goes “no no peter dear, when someone is stabbed like this, THIS is how they look, they don’t make a sound, air just leaves them all at once” and peter jackson remembers in that moment that lee was in the secret service and just slowly backs away.

Y’all… Christopher Lee was literally James Bond. He and Ian Fleming were cousins, he was one of the real life sources of inspiration for James Bond, and was Fleming’s first choice to play Bond in the movies.

Saying that he was in the secret service doesn’t do it justice. His unit was informally referred to as “The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare” and his service records are still sealed.

When an interviewer asked him about his service, he asked “Can you keep a secret?” the interviewer of course said yes, so he leaned in, lowered his voice, and said “So can I.”

He also performed for a metal album in his 80′s.

Christopher Lee was one of the most awesome humans ever to walk the Earth.

@dovewithscales wasn’t Christopher Lee also like one of the only LotR cast members who met Tolkien? At least I think there was something about him and Tolkien that I can’t remember exactly…

That is correct.

Mr lee was one of the people that made me want to get into acting.

Ian McKellan said the same thing. He said he was nervous filming LotR to meet Lee because he was his idol.

I miss him

I think there was more than one metal album.

And something about parachutes in WWII.

And playing Dracula onscreen more than any other actor. And the fact that the guy legit traced his ancestry straight back to Charlemagne.

Sir Christopher Lee was a fucking boss.

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So they found this adorable little dinosaur called Anchiornis





See those feathers? The skeleton they found was so well-preserved that scientists were able to examine the pigment cells in the feathers and compare them to those of modern day birds.

And they were able to do this with such accuracy that they know the coloration of this dinosaur. In life it looked something like this.


It just baffles me that we know the color patterns of an animal that has been dead for 161 million years

They found a prehistoric chicken that wears adidas swear pants my god

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I put some maple syrup in a condom just to see what it would look like and when i was carrying it to the dumpster it broke

*The things people who aren’t having enough sex do with condoms**


Well I

I guess I just got killed

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me attempting to socialize with people

honestly ME

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If by some miracle you instantly became fluent in 3 foreign languages, what would they be? This includes various forms of sign language and Braille. I’d choose Spanish and French for media consumption and Russian because communism, lol.


I’m really bad at distinguishing between romantic and platonic affection because as soon as someone pays attention to me I just want to be around them

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this fucking awful place: w-woopsie!!!! woopsie doodly!!!!! we had a widdle boo boo and scrumbled it all up :’( pwease dont be mad…

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